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Mom's sweater and my traveling scarf

1) I finished knittint my mom's sweater last Thursday but when i tried on I didn't like very much the neckline, it looked to wide for my mom.
So on Friday at Knit Nite I just hid the ends and seam the sleeves.When I went back home i frogged the ribben did two rounds of decreases and end again with K2P2.
I kind of follow the pattern Knitted Jumper or JacketI by DROPS Desing, but i used cotton insteado fthe suggested yanr. I also added pockets.I like very much how it turned out, and I hope my mom likes it too.

Close up to see the detail:


2) I participated (still there are two scarves left that i have to send) in the Traveling Scarf Group #16 (Crochet) in Ravelry and yesterday I received my scarf all finished. It looks very beautiful. I provided the yanr and was just enough to finish it.

As Hans and I come from different cultures we decide this year to compromise.
His family don't to much for Christmas Eve so I decided to do what we do back home.
I cook for the family. The menu was a mixed of what my mom cooks for that day and what my grandpa used to make)

Staffed Tomatoes with salad and beet soup, I added the soup cause it was cold.
Main dish was raviolones (they are not the regular size of ravioli but big big one as my grandpa used to make) with a tomatoe sauce and chichen.

I served two raviolones per person with a tomato sauce and a piece of chicken

Here is the family

Christmas day we have the traditional turkey dinner open some gifts and watched Christmas movies.

We had a little from there and little from here and everybody was happy.

The cardigan is done?

Last Saturday I finished the last sleeve for my MIL cardigan and on Sunday all the knittine left was done.
Yesterday i sewed up all the pieces together just need the zip and ready to be gifted tomorrow.

Being me the one hosting the party, the odds were very high, haha.
I got up kind of early on Saturday cause I had to prepare the house for the party. We did some last minutes shopping with Hans and while he went to pick up his co-worker to driving her to the Airport I stayed behind cleaning and organizing everything.

I cleaned the house and finished with the decoration and left few things for the very last minute:

-       Baking

-       Vacuuming

-       Shower

-       wrapping the gift

After Hans came back from the Airport he went out again to get some fruit I needed for the Sangria and some other things. At that point the weather wasn’t that bad. There was no snow going on but I had the feeling that it was going to start any time soon.

I contacted few of the girls to confirm if there was snow which will be plan b but everything seemed that there was no need for one.


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I'm back

I didn't go anywhere I just didn't have much to say,  of course I kept visiting virtual friends but not much inspiration in the writing front. I worked in several projects during my time out of LJ.
Here are some pics

I made this ones in October, and I have lot of yarn leftover so I also made a beret and i have a pair of socks almost done.


I tested a pattern for a designer i met through ravelry.
The pattern is called Natty it was very well written and
I'm not used to super chuncky material but it turned out ok.
I will try it later with cotton.

There were some knitting for the Christmas Craft fair that some of Friday's Knit Nite girls participated with Arika.

I made those three towels in a day (I spent at least 45 minutes in the bus going and coming to and from work) So two were made during my bus trips and the third one at home..

The little dress, I think it's too small if it didn't sell i may use it as a doll's dress or sew the bottom to become a bag.
There were some other things but i don't have pictures.

Last but not least on Sunday, Hans and I went to visit his parents. His mom can't knit anymore (she has an injury in her hand and now it's too painful for her any type o manual activity) so she let me check in her stash and I got lot of yarn. She think I'm making a sweater for Hans but is for her. I hope I can finish it for Christmas.

Kimono 2 in 1

Last post i showed my Kimono but I forgot to put the second picture showing the idea I hade when I so the challenge. I wanted to use this piece in 2 different ways that's why I added the band K2,P2.

I thought it could be used with the band at the waistline or as neckline and here is how it looks like.


Two complete different options using the same piece.

I really like both ways.

My wrist warmers are almost done. This is a pic I took yesterday in my lunch break. Keep in mind I'm not a good photographer

Virtual Knitting with the Uruguayan group

Last Saturday I got up early again to join the girls in Montevideo - Uruguay, it was a pity not being able to actually join them cause there was a problem with their connection. Every meeting is organized in a different house and after last one, they decided to bring 2 squares to the host and she has to join them and make her own blanket.

This time the meeting was at my teacher's from elementary school (2nd and 3erd grade) and this are the squares I made for her.

She said that she   likes earthy tones



Iwas already up so I decided to continue chatting with another girl in USA (married with a Uruguayan) we crochet while chatting it was a lot of fun I even help her with her crochet (she needed to change colors and seems that she got it right).

I finished my "Kimono" for a CAL, the name of the group is Tejijuntas and Sabrina show different options until there is an agreement on what to work on. In the case of the Kimono she gave the outlines but you don't have to follow it 100%.

That's what I did, I just use a different stitch, I tried 4 times. The first time the cotton I had wasn't enough so I had to frog it. The second time I didn't like the way it looked with the suggested stitch and half way I decided to frog it again. The third time I thought that with the new stitch I was doing a good job and when i had the body and one sleeve ready I noticed that it was way too big so I had to frog it again. 4th and last time was the one, I like the way it turned out the only thing is that the neck line is not as deep as I wanted.

Now leaving the crochet aside and back into knitting I decided to start knitting a pair of wrist warmers, I'm going to knit them two at a time in one circular. It took me forever to figure out how to cast on both of them and after giving up and cast them separately and knit 14 rows in each of K1, P1 I noticed how it was supposed to be done.

Yesterday after breakfast I spend my day in my sunny spot working on my wrist warmers. I'm using Spring Forward stitch and for the construction I will use Serpentine Mitts. So far so good. I bought the yarn in the last yarn crawl and is Fleece Artist Sea Wool


That's all for now I hope you have a good week.

I met this group of Uruguayan knitters, they started to get together in different houses (back in Uruguay) unfortunately while I was in Uruguay there was a meeting but I didn't have internet at my parent’s home so I didn't know.

On September the 13th they had another meeting and we were talking about the possibility of me getting connected and being in conference with them. I think they thought it was a joke and we said yes. I got up at 6:30am (meeting was at 10:30am Uruguay 4 hours difference) and get all my crochet/knitting supplies ready, the computer, something to eat while they are sharing great food too.

I logged-in on msn and none answer back so I was getting worried, I just knew the host name and she sent a map of how to get to her place too small but no address, and I didn't recognized the name of the street where the dot (my home here) was on, so I just checked under the white pages for her and nothing, yes telephone was under her husband I just knew his first name so I just put that and hope for the best and in spite of not being a common name there were several so I just checked one by one (I knew the first letter of their street was C but it wasn't clear in the map the rest) until I saw the one the right one. I called them and when I said my name Natty (the host) thought I was some other friend of her so I just clarify who I was and  so she told the others and made me sign in with Skype.

There was a problem with Natty's camera so they could see me but I couldn't see them, I was able to listen clearly all the conversation and I'm telling you, I participated in more than one of them, it was really funny . One of the girls was teaching a stitch and it was funny showing her what i was doing so she could say if it was ok or not.

I had a great time, I spent 5 hours crocheting in my crop cardigan (I finished it 4 days later) talking with the girls even posing for pictures, I can imagine how funny it looked a round of people with the laptop in the middle

< Judith and me

    Food that i couldn't try for obvious reason--->

<----- Vero, Vivi, Estela with Sophia

                     Gaby y Daniela--->

<-----Su (she made the cake), Laura and Vivi

There were a lot of people haveing fun, knitting/crocheting, needle felting, waving, just sharing a great time, Susana made   a cake to celebrate bds for the month and in each ball of yarn, on the label you can see the name of the bdgirls.


Last but not least my Crochet Crop Cardigan:

This was my progress after the meeting:

And this is the cardi blocking.


Just Crochet

 Today is all about Crochet again!!!


I casted on for C3Crochet Crop Cardigan  yesterday night to celebrate International Crochet Day
This is my progress, hopefully it'll be done by the Monday.

This week is being all about Crochet

September 12, is celebrated International Crochet Day so I decided to take this week for my beloved Crochet. Here is my contribution to participate in Jimbo's Contest

I am working in several projects at the same time (yes I said it)

1) My MIL asked for some runners for her coffee table and I decided to use a pattern from Pinapple DOilies by Leisure Arts. The name of the pattern is Four-Square Pineapple. I decided to make 2 and then joining them.
This is what I have so far:

It's just a matter of joining them in a nice way. That'll take a little of trial and error excercise but I think it'll turn nicely.

2. I started a new pair of slipers.

3. A top down cardi Crochet Crop Cardigan

4. Still have to join the little squares i started way back (May I think)